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Center for Advanced Microscopy

The Center for Advanced Microscopy (hyper link to: is a separately run electron microscopy center at MSU that houses several microscopes and support equipment that is complementary to the Cryo-EM facility. Some of the equipment and courses run by CAM that Cryo-EM users may find useful include:

  • JEOL 1440 with CCD camera
    • Good for short duration screening and publication quality images
    • NOT cryo-EM capable
  • JEOL 2200FS with DE-20 camera
    • Good for short to medium duration screening and a publication quality images
    • IS cryo-EM capable

Contact the CAM Director, Stan Flegler Flegler ( for additional information.

CAM is located at:
578 Wilson Rd, Room B-6
Michigan State University
East Lansing MI 48824