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Cryo-EM Facility

Talos Arctica Talos Arctica

Talos Arctica with autoloader, phase plate and Falcon 3 camera

  • Designed specifically for biological cryo-EM applications
  • Ideal for data collection and 3D reconstruction
  • Outfitted with a Falcon 3 Direct Detection Device and a Ceta CCD camera
  • Equipped with phase plate technology
  • Fully integrated system run using EPU and Tomo packages
Leica ACE-600 carbon coater Leica ACE-600 carbon coater
  • Ideal for carbon coating and metal shadowing applications
Pelco easiGlow glow discharge Pelco easiGlow glow discharge
  • Used for making carbon grids more hydrophyllic prior to negative staining or plunge-freezing
Vitrobot robotic plunge freezer Vitrobot robotic plunge freezer
  • Robotic plunge freezing device for cryo-EM grid preparation
  • Vitrobot Video
Manual plunge freezer Manual plunge freezer
  • Pneumatic plunge freeze device made by the MSU Physics Machine Shop
Grid clipping station Grid clipping station
  • We are fully stocked for grid clipping and sample loading into the Talos Arctica autoloader - all supplies will be available to users, provided by the facility.