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User A Certification
Must demonstrate independent use of an electron microscope suitable for negative staining or cryo sample preparations. Examples on campus are JEOL 1440 and JEOL 2200FS instruments. Two semester long courses are available through Center for Advanced Microscopy, either:

  • NSC-810  Laboratory: Biological Science Transmission Electron Microscopy (Withrow)
  • NSC-815  Laboratory: Physical Science Transmission Electron Microscopy (Fan)

User B Certification

  • Must demonstrate User A status
  • Must demonstrate grid clipping ability (takes ~2 weeks)
  • Must demonstrate autoloader capability (takes ~2 weeks)
  • Must demonstrate full knowledge of cryo-EM alignments and procedures, plus troubleshooting (takes 6 months – 1 year)

The rate for training is $80/hr.